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Dr Thilagavathi M

Professor Impact assessment, Production and Natural Resource... View Profile

Dr Karunakaran K R

Professor Resource and Environmental Economics, Regional Mod... View Profile

Dr Chandran K

Professor Production Economics... View Profile

Dr Selvam S

Professor Marketing Intelligence and Environmental Natural R... View Profile

Dr Subramanian Senthilnathan

Professor 32 years of Teaching and Research experience in ag... View Profile

Dr Sureshkumar D

Professor Water Resource Economics and Policy Impact Assessm... View Profile

Dr Vidhyavathi A

Professor Production Economics, Natural Resource Management ... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar K M

Professor Markets, Firms, International trade... View Profile

Dr Amarnath J S

Professor Expert in Environmental economics research and tea... View Profile

Dr Daniel Viswasam Samuel A

Professor Trade and Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Jahanmohan R

Professor Impact of Urbanization on Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Selvaraj K N

Professor Business... View Profile

Dr Ashok K R

Professor Managerial Economics, Econometrics, Environmental ... View Profile

Dr Senthilnathan S

Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Salvadi Easwaran R

Professor Econometri Modelling, Agricultural Marketing, Clim... View Profile

Ms Malaisamy A

Associate Professor Natural Resource Economics... View Profile

Dr Prahadeeswaran M

Associate Professor Agricultural Marketing and Trade... View Profile

Dr Varadharaj S

Associate Professor Production and Natural Resource Economics, Impact ... View Profile

Dr Sundar A

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Agricultural Economics ... View Profile

Dr Parimalarangan R

Assistant Professor Production Economics and Agricultural Marketing... View Profile

Dr Elenchezhian T

Assistant Professor Resource and Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Kiruthika N

Assistant Professor Impact Assessment... View Profile

Dr Karthick V

Assistant Professor Production Economics, Agricultural Finance and Agr... View Profile

Dr Senthilnathan S

Assistant Professor Natural Resource Economics... View Profile

Dr Angles S

Assistant Professor Agricultural Marketing, Production Economics, Entr... View Profile

Dr Rajendran Thirumalai velu

Assistant Professor Specialized in Agricultural Marketing and Natural ... View Profile

Dr Sekar C

Retired Professor Agricultural Economics... View Profile