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Dr Karthikeyan C

Head of the Department Cyber Extension for Technology Transfer... View Profile

Dr Agila R

Professor Transfer of Technology and gender issues and Train... View Profile

Dr Shantha Sheela M

Professor Business Communication, Entrepreneurship Developme... View Profile

Dr Jane Sujatha J

Professor Women in Agriculture and Gender in Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Venkata Pirabu J

Professor HRD Diffusion and Adoption/ Communication... View Profile

Dr Dhamodaran T

Professor Impact and Constraints Analysis... View Profile

Dr Jansirani R

Professor Organic Certification and Participatory Guarantee ... View Profile

Dr Manimekalai Ramar

Professor Specialized in Agricultural Extension... View Profile

Dr Velusamy R

Professor Communication , Impact analysis and transfer of te... View Profile

Dr Pushpa J

Professor Specialized in Transfer of Technology in agricultu... View Profile

Dr Nallusamy Anandaraja

Professor Digital Agriculture, ICT-A, Participatory Farming ... View Profile

Dr Sakunthalai A

Professor PRA, Training and Indicators and Scale Development... View Profile

Dr Arunachalam R

Professor Multidisciplinary research on communication & tran... View Profile

Dr Ravikumar Theodre

Professor Training Experiential Learning... View Profile

Dr Sumathi P

Professor Transfer of Technology, Gender Studies... View Profile

Dr Malliah Nirmala Devi

Professor Transfer of Technology, Adoption... View Profile

Dr Murugan P P

Professor Human Resource Development, Youth Development... View Profile

Dr Mahandrakumar K

Professor Agricultural Extension, Transfer of technology... View Profile

Dr Sriram N

Associate Professor ICT in Agricultural Extension, Impact Assessment, ... View Profile

Dr Rajasekaran R

Associate Professor Agronomy... View Profile

Dr Premavathi R

Associate Professor Specialization in Women Empowerment, Adoption... View Profile

Dr Nazreen Hassan S

Associate Professor Transfer of Technology through ICT Enabled Service... View Profile

Dr Vanetha K P

Assistant Professor ICT and Gender Studies... View Profile

Dr Thilagam J

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship Development, Institution Building... View Profile

Dr Jai Sridhar P

Assistant Professor Agricultural Education Development Studies, Educat... View Profile

Dr Periyar Ramasamy D

Assistant Professor Natural and Community Resource Management, Climate... View Profile

Dr Noorjehan A K A Hanif

Assistant Professor Technological gap; adoption studies and impact ana... View Profile

Dr Nirmala L

Assistant Professor Women Development and communication skills... View Profile

Dr Sangeetha S

Assistant Professor Field of Adoption and Training ... View Profile

Dr Selvarani G

Assistant Professor Agricultural Extension... View Profile

Dr Padma S R

Assistant Professor Agrl Extension , Communication , Extension Mngt... View Profile

Dr Sasikala R

Assistant Professor Journalism... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar M

Assistant Professor ICT for Technology Transfer, Media and Communicati... View Profile

Dr Shibi Sebastian

Assistant Professor Agricultural Extension... View Profile

Dr Srivara Buddhi Bhuvaneswari S

Assistant Professor Research on Adoption and Impact Studies, ICT and A... View Profile

Dr Jegadeesan M

Assistant Professor Agrarian Change, Livelyhood Diversification, Migra... View Profile

Dr Cinthia Fernandaz C

Assistant Professor Forestry Extension... View Profile

Dr Ramakrishnan K

Assistant Professor Impact Analysis of All Programmes... View Profile

Dr Asokhan M

Deputy Registrar Agricultural Extension... View Profile