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Dr Kalarani M.K

Director Drought mitigation strategies and Formulation of N... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar T

Professor Plant Hormone Physiology, Plant Transport Physiolo... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan K

Professor Plant Nutrition Physiology... View Profile

Dr Jeyakumar P

Professor Abiotic Stree, Nutrio-hormonal and Postharvest Phy... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan S

Professor Plant nutrition, plant growth, regulators and eco ... View Profile

Dr Vincent S

Professor Plant Nutrition, Abiotic Stress... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar R

Professor Plant Growth Regulators and Nutrients... View Profile

Dr Ravichandran V

Professor Rice Physiology, roll of silicon in rice, abiotic ... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi D

Professor Abiotic stress Physiology and molecular biology of... View Profile

Dr Amutha R

Professor Foliar nutrition and stress physiology... View Profile

Dr Chandrasekhar C N

Professor Stress Physiology... View Profile

Dr Boominathan Parasuraman

Professor Abiotic Stress Physiology and Plant Growth Regulat... View Profile

Dr Rajkumar J

Associate Professor Abiotic stress physiology... View Profile

Dr Djanaguiraman Maduraimuthu

Associate Professor I am involved in teaching, carrying out abiotic st... View Profile

Dr Krishna Surendar K

Assistant Professor Stress and Hormonal physiology... View Profile

Mr Raja Babu C

Assistant Professor Strees Physiology, Nutrio Physiology... View Profile

Dr Anitha R

Assistant Professor Abiotic stress physiology... View Profile

Dr Babu Rajendra Prasad V

Assistant Professor Elucidation of light sigmalling in ARVIVIDOPSIS; T... View Profile

Dr Antony Joseph Ravi Savery M

Assistant Professor Agriculture Science... View Profile

Dr Vanitha K

Assistant Professor Studies on the Physiology of rice Mainly focused o... View Profile

Dr Ananthi K

Assistant Professor Stress Physiology and Plant Growth Regulation... View Profile