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Dr Thangavel P

Professor Remediation of Contaminated soil and waste utiliza... View Profile

Dr Sara Parwin Banu K

Professor Bioremediation of Polluted Habitats, Waste Recycli... View Profile

Dr Maheswari M

Professor Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Management... View Profile

Dr Kannan J

Professor Solid Waste Management... View Profile

Dr Prasanthrajan M

Professor Environmental Pollution and Nano Remediation... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanian G

Professor Restoration of Ecosystem, Environmental Chemistry ... View Profile

Dr Kannan J

Professor 25 years of experience as teaching staff of TamilN... View Profile

Dr Sugumaran M P

Associate Professor Ecology and Biodiversity... View Profile

Dr Dhevagi P

Associate Professor Microbial Remediation of Wastes... View Profile

Dr Sivasubramanian K

Associate Professor Environmental Science, Biodiversity, Solid Waste M... View Profile

Dr Mythili R

Assistant Professor Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass... View Profile

Dr Krishnaveni A

Assistant Professor Waste Management Bioremediation, Phytoremediation... View Profile

Dr Jayabalakrishnan R M

Assistant Professor Waste Water Recycling and Atmoshpheric Sciences... View Profile

Dr Parameswari E

Assistant Professor Bioremeditaiton of Contaminated Sites, Waste Water... View Profile

Dr Boomiraj K

Assistant Professor Climate Change - Crop Stimulation Modelling... View Profile

Dr Selvamurugan M

Assistant Professor Waste Water Treatment and Recycling of Wastes... View Profile

Dr Kalaiselvi P

Assistant Professor Environmental Microbiology: Microbial Bioremediati... View Profile

Dr Suganya K

Assistant Professor Waste Water Recycling, Phytoremideation Waste Mana... View Profile

Dr Jayashree R

Assistant Professor Bioremediation... View Profile

Dr Davamani V

Assistant Professor Heavy metal alleviation and Climate change... View Profile

Dr Paul Sebastian S

Assistant Professor Wastewater treatment and recycling, Waste Manageme... View Profile

Dr Rajkishore SK

Assistant Professor Environmental Nanotechnology, Biosafety of Nanopro... View Profile