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Dr Sekar I

Professor Wood Anatomy and Wood Science... View Profile

Dr Divya M P

Professor Agroforestry and Forest Products... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanian A

Professor Precision Silviculture, Tree Improvement, Forest E... View Profile

Dr Murugesh M

Professor Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Revathi R

Professor Non-Wood Forest Products, Wild Life... View Profile

Dr Umesh Kanna S

Professor Forest Biotechnology and Tree Improvement... View Profile

Dr K Kumaran

Professor Twenty six years of teaching experience and thirty... View Profile

Dr Parthiban K T

Dean Tree Breeding and Agroforestry... View Profile

Dr Rajendran P

Associate Professor Forestry - Agroforestry and Tree Improvement... View Profile

Dr Jude Sudhagar R

Associate Professor Agroforestry and Tree Improvement... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan S

Associate Professor Silviculture... View Profile

Dr Kumar P

Assistant Professor Agroforestry, Forest Tree Breeding and Industrial ... View Profile

Dr Ramesh K R

Assistant Professor Silviculture, Wild Life, Agroforstry, Tree Breedin... View Profile

Dr Baranidharan K

Assistant Professor Forestry and Wild Life Managementq... View Profile

Dr Kiruba M

Assistant Professor Evaluation of Genetic Diversity of Bixa Orellana L... View Profile

Dr Manivasakan S

Assistant Professor Forest Mensuration, Silviculture and NTFP's... View Profile

Dr Ravi R

Assistant Professor Wood and Non Wood Products, Agroforestry, Carbon S... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar B

Assistant Professor Agroforestry and Silviculture... View Profile

Dr Sivaprakash M

Assistant Professor Silviculture... View Profile

Dr Vennila S

Assistant Professor Tree Breeding... View Profile

Dr Shivaa M K

Retired Professor Forest Law... View Profile