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Dr Thamizh Vendan R

Registrar Bio inoculants ; Liquid formulation ; Endophytic b... View Profile

Dr Lakshmanan A

Dean Nano Remidiation, Climate Change Adoptation... View Profile

Dr Gomathi V

Professor Lignocellulosic biomass degradation, Termite gut m... View Profile

Dr John Kennedy Z

Professor Food Microbiology- Fermentation technology – Foo... View Profile

Dr Vijila K

Professor Food fermentation , Functional foods, Plant – mi... View Profile

Dr Balachandar D

Professor Soil microbiology, biofertilizers, plant-microbe i... View Profile

Prof Sivakumar Uthandi

Professor Biomass Conversion - Fermentation - Protein Engine... View Profile

Dr Gopal N O

Professor Biofules; Biofertilizers and Plant Microbe Interac... View Profile

Dr Kalaiselvi T

Professor Plant-AMF interaction, Plant endophytes, Plant - M... View Profile

Dr Senthilkumar M

Professor Soil Health, Soil Microbiology, Bacterial Endophyt... View Profile

Dr Kumutha K

Professor Bio fertilizers; Mycorrhizal fungi ; Plant microbe... View Profile

Dr M Gnanachitra

Professor Biological nitrogen fixation, • Biofertilizer fo... View Profile

Dr Ramalingam N

Professor Bio inoculants ; N fixation : Phospate solubilizat... View Profile

Dr Anandham R

Associate Professor Endosymbionts of Plants and Insects, Molecular Mic... View Profile


Associate Professor Microbial Biotechnology, Biofertilizers, Food Micr... View Profile

Dr K G Sabarinathan KG

Associate Professor Bioactive Compounds from Cyanobacteria, Fermentati... View Profile

Dr Subhashini R

Associate Professor Food fermentation... View Profile

Dr Ejilane J

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Bioprocess and Biocatalysis, Fermentation Technolo... View Profile

Dr UmaMaheswari T

Assistant Professor Food Microbiology - Fermented Foods, Probiotics, G... View Profile

Dr Tilak M

Assistant Professor Bioinoculants: Organic Matter Decomposition... View Profile

Dr Gayathry G

Assistant Professor Microbes and food fermentation... View Profile

Dr Raja P

Assistant Professor Food process Microbiology, Microbial value additio... View Profile

Dr Gomathy M

Assistant Professor Mycorrhizal Systems and Biofertilizers... View Profile

Dr Uma Sankareswari R

Assistant Professor Bio inoculants ; thermotolerant rizobia; riceendop... View Profile

Dr Sivasankari Devi T

Assistant Professor Soil Microbiology, Bioremediation of Heavy Metal, ... View Profile

Dr Jeya Bharathi M

Assistant Professor Soil Microbiology, Microbial Genetics... View Profile

Dr Raghu R

Assistant Professor Cyanobacteria, Algal Biotechnology, Microbiome, Nu... View Profile

Dr Poorniammal R

Assistant Professor Microbial Pigments , Bioinoculants and Plant Micro... View Profile

Dr Jamuna E

Assistant Professor Food Fermentation, Bioremediation... View Profile

Dr Thangamani G

Assistant Professor Biofertilizer Technology - Microbial consortium - ... View Profile