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Dr Balasubramaniam P

Director Agricultural Extension... View Profile

Dr Mahendran P P

Dean Soil Fertility Problem Soil and Water Management... View Profile

Dr Rathinasamy A

Professor Soil Fertility and Soil Micronutrients... View Profile

Dr Sathiya Bama K

Professor Soil Carbon, Cropping System... View Profile

Dr Mohandas S

Professor Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Use... View Profile

Dr Chitra L

Professor Remediation of Metal Contamination Soil and Reclam... View Profile

Dr Meena S

Professor Soil Fertility - Radio tracer Research... View Profile

Dr Vasanthi D

Professor Balaned Fertilization - Organic wastes - Recycling... View Profile

Dr Maragatham S

Professor Soil chemistry and Soil Fertility... View Profile

Dr Santhi R

Professor Soil Test Crop Response Based Integrated Plant Nur... View Profile

Dr Kaleeswari R.K

Professor Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition... View Profile

Dr Jothimani S

Professor Soil Fertility, Permanent manurial experiment, Ric... View Profile

Ms Santhy P

Professor Soil Health and Soil Biology... View Profile

Ms Latha M R

Professor Balanced Fertilization, Soil Fertility Management... View Profile

Dr Backiyavathy M R

Professor Soil Fertility - Nutrition Mngt, for Crops... View Profile

Dr Babu M

Professor Soil Fertility ,Organic Recycling ... View Profile

Dr Lavanya P G

Professor Soil Fertility and Integrated Nutrient Management... View Profile

Dr Chandrasekaran N

Professor soil Fertility , Soil Physics, Problem Soils, Wate... View Profile

Dr Baskar K

Professor Soil Science- Soil Organic matter- Carbon Sequestr... View Profile

Dr Saravanapandian P

Professor Soil Chemistry - Dynamics of Nutrients... View Profile

Dr Sundar M

Professor Fermentation Technology and Biofertilizers... View Profile

Dr Jegadeeswari D

Professor Micronutrients Research / Rainfed Research in Agri... View Profile

Prof Balasubramaniam Palanisamy

Professor Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition for Mitigating ... View Profile

Dr Arulmozhiselvan K

Professor Soil Fertility, N Research, Sensors for Moisture /... View Profile

Dr Thilagavathi T

Professor Soil Fertility, HeavyMetal Remediation, Organic Am... View Profile

Dr Lalitha R

Professor Experienced in Teaching,Research and Extension in ... View Profile

Dr Janaki P

Professor Behaviour of pesticides in soil environment Plant ... View Profile

Dr Chitdeshwari T

Professor Mcironutrients and Heavy Metals research in soil a... View Profile

Dr Suresh S

Professor Soil fertility - Nutrition Mngt In problem soils... View Profile

Dr Malarvizhi P

Professor Soil Chemistry Soil fertility and Nutrition Mngt ,... View Profile

Dr Jawahar Durairaj

Professor Soil science and Agrl Chemistry , Dry land agricul... View Profile

Dr Balasubramanian R

Professor Natural Resource and Environmental Economics... View Profile

Dr Selvi D

Professor Soil Fertility – INM – Foliar Nutrition – ... View Profile

Dr Jagadeeswaran R

Professor Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Elayarajan M

Associate Professor Soil Fertility, Soil Pollution... View Profile

Dr Malathi P

Associate Professor Soil Fertility - Micro Nutrients, Soil Test Crop R... View Profile

Dr Sheeba S

Associate Professor Soil Fertility - Integreated Nutrient Management S... View Profile

Dr Prabhaharan J

Associate Professor Chelated micronutrients, Water Quality and Fertiga... View Profile

Dr Suganya S

Associate Professor Research, Extension and Teaching... View Profile

Dr Jayanthi D

Associate Professor Soil Fertility... View Profile

Dr Sherene Jenita Rajammal T

Associate Professor Soil Environmental Chemistry - Heavy Metal Polluti... View Profile

Dr Kannan P

Associate Professor Soil Resource Management in Dryland Ecosystem: A S... View Profile

Dr Janaki Dasarathan

Associate Professor Micronutrient Management and Industrial Waste Wate... View Profile

Dr Ramesh P.T

Associate Professor Organic Waste Mngt... View Profile

Dr Bharani A

Associate Professor Bioremediation, Biowaste Management, Anaerobic Mic... View Profile

Dr Gopalakrishnan M

Associate Professor Soil chemistry and Soil Fertility... View Profile

Dr Christy Nirmalamary P

Associate Professor Soil pedology and soil fertility ;Phytolith and B... View Profile

Dr Porkodi G

Assistant Professor Soil Fertility and Soil Management... View Profile

Dr Krishnakumar S

Assistant Professor Organic farming and INM... View Profile

Dr Thenmozhi s

Assistant Professor Agriculture... View Profile

Dr Balaji T

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and Micro nutrients ... View Profile

Dr Rajeswari R

Assistant Professor Carbon Sequestration Nano fertilizers... View Profile

Dr Gomadhi G

Assistant Professor Soil Science... View Profile

Dr Sanjivkumar V

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and plant nutrition... View Profile

Dr Sharmila Rahale C

Assistant Professor Nanofertilizer... View Profile

Ms Anuratha A

Assistant Professor Soil Fertility... View Profile

Dr Ragunath K P

Assistant Professor Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry, Pedology and... View Profile

Dr Gurunathan S

Assistant Professor Natural Resources Ecoomics, Irrigation Economics... View Profile

Dr Dhanushkodi V

Assistant Professor Problem soil management, Soil fertility management... View Profile

Dr Bharathi C

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and herbicide residues... View Profile

Dr Sudhalakshmi C

Assistant Professor Soil Health Enhancement and Balanced Nutrition for... View Profile

Dr Mani A

Assistant Professor Application of ANNs in Flood Prediction, Groundwat... View Profile

Dr Manikandan K

Assistant Professor Problem soil mngt, GIS and ICT application in soil... View Profile

Dr Indirani R

Assistant Professor Soil Fertility - Micronutrients and Biofortificati... View Profile

Dr Nagarajan M

Assistant Professor Hydrology and Water Resources with Remote Sensing ... View Profile

Dr Gomathy M

Assistant Professor Soil Science... View Profile

Dr Malarkodi M

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and remediation of metal contaminat... View Profile

Dr Paramasivan M

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and nutrient mngt... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar V

Assistant Professor Soil Survey, Fertility Mapping and Remote Sensing... View Profile

Dr Sridevi G

Assistant Professor Soil fertility and Waste water Mngt... View Profile

Dr Shenbagavalli S

Assistant Professor Carbon Sequestration, wastewater treatment... View Profile

Dr Leninraja D

Assistant Professor Soil Fertility... View Profile

Dr Balamurugan J

Assistant Professor soil science and soil Fertility... View Profile